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You have recently received your new MyFoot shoes through your physician or at your orthopaedic shoe store. We have produced these shoes for you with the utmost care and we hope that you will enjoy their convenience and comfort for many years, day in day out. In order for you to optimally profit from your shoes however, it is important that you are properly informed.

For this reason, we strongly advise you to read these instructions before you start wearing your MyFoot shoes.

About MyFoot
All of MyFoot’s Modular Orthopedic footwear are hand-made in Portugal, each pair having been carefully designed to offer maximum support and perfectly accommodate the natural shape of your foot. We provide shoemakers and physicians with a choice from our broad range of size and width factors. Apart from this, we can customise each shoe individually, creating exactly what you specifically need.


Shaft: Leather, from cow and calf skins. Microfiber-based synthetic material.
Lining: Calf leather, synthetic fur and diabetic fabric. In all linings, the presence of seams has been kept limited to the bare minimum in order to prevent hotspots and ensure a soft, comfortable fit.
Sole: Depending on model, made from EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate), rubber or polyurethane (PU).

All materials are sourced from suppliers within the European Union and are fully compliant with applicable legal requirements.

Instructions for use

  • MyFoot shoes are exclusively provided to the end-user by qualified professionals. Inform your shoemaker or physician of their intended use and expected frequency of use when ordering.
  • Remove paper fillers from the shoes where applicable. Check the inside of the shoes for alien objects.
  • Always use a shoehorn when putting the shoes on. This prevents folds in the lining and crushing of the heel stiffener (back counter).
  • Tighten the laces or Velcro closing strips evenly across the foot to ensure a perfect fit and prevent the foot from sliding forward in the shoe.
  • When closing the shoes, to prevent discomfort or pain make sure that the tongue of the shoe is properly positioned.
  • When taking the shoes off, make sure that all closures are fully open so that you can easily slip out of each shoe. This helps in maintaining the shoe’s original fit.

Instructions for care

  • Prior to initial use, treat the outside of the shoes with an impregnation spray to protect them against moisture and dirt.
  • It is recommended to clean dirty shoes directly after use.
  • For cleaning, only use lukewarm water (30 degrees Celsius max.) applied with a soft sponge. MyFoot Modular Orthopedic footwear are not machine-washable.
  • Let wet shoes dry at room temperature. Never put them in the direct vicinity of a heat source.
  • Shoe trees can help to preserve the shape of the shoe. As an alternative method, you can also stuff your shoes with balled-up paper.

Instructions for safe use

  • Prior to use, always check the inside of your shoes for dirt, pebbles or other alien objects.
  • Never wear the shoes without your custom insoles. Only when worn with insole, the shoe will offer its intended functionality.
  • Inspect your feet on a daily basis for red spots, skin change or pressure points. If there are changes in the condition of your feet, contact your shoemaker or physician.
  • Regularly inspect your shoes for damages or wear and tear at the soles and heels. Only shoes in good condition will offer their intended functionality.
  • Always adjust laces or Velcro closing strips when putting your shoes on. Do not pull the laces or strips overly tight, as this may cause reduced blood circulation. Shoes that are not laced tight enough, on the other hand, may increase the risk of falling.
  • Always remember that wet surfaces, snow and ice may increase the risk of slipping.
  • Your shoes have been custom-made to your specific measurements and corrective needs. They cannot be passed on to other users.

Risks for the user

  • Not all medical issues can be alleviated or solved by the use of our shoes.
  • If you suffer from contact allergies, it is important to discuss these with your shoemaker or physician prior to actual use of your shoes.
  • Foot ulcers must be completely healed before the shoes can be safely used.
  • In case of acute foot infections, immediately contact your shoemaker or physician.
  • Conditions not mentioned in these instructions may also cause risks and hazards.

With normal use, we offer the legal guarantee.

All MyFoot Modular Orthopedic footwear meet the safety and performance requirements prescribed by EU Regulation 2017/745 for medical devices (MDR). All MyFoot shoes are CE-certified.

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Owner of responsibility for regulatory compliance: mr. R. van der Mijn

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