Technical explanation

Myfoot models are made with a special designed out sole. The curved heel helps to start the roll of the sole and prevents sudden impact on the mid foot during gait. It also give the rear foot better control whilst walking.

The sides of the sole are flared to offer maximum stability to the foot.

The sole is made out of injected EVA which has a high shock-absorbent function upon impact. This helps to decrease pressure on bunions and ulcers while alleviating pain from plantar fasciitis and arthritis. The shock-absorbent function also reduces impact forces in knee, hip and lower back.

Our torsion free rocker shape sole improves further foot relief and helps for a natural gait.

Each shoe is made with a light eight non-slip removable bottom sole. This allows for extra increase of the sole height for patients with leg length difference.

Last & Fitting
Our lasts have a Foot-friendly shape respecting the natual shape of your foot. In order to get an even better fitting we offer all models in extended widths S, M, W,. The extended widths helps you to find a shoe that is not to tight and not too lose. This is beneficial for those with bunions, hammertoes , diabetic, neuropetie or artritus. The myfoot size range goes from size 3 till 9,5.

The lining is fully made out of soft mole skin fabric combined with a spacer foam. A seamless design is used to construct the lining (reduces friction and irritation to forefoot), this is beneficial for people suffering form, diabetic, hammertoes,

Toe box
All models are made with an extra depth and wide toe box. The extra depth allows for a comfortable fit and can accommodate a custom orthotic. The wide toe box is beneficial for toe movements and is helpful for those with bunions hammertoes neuromas or swelling of the feet. An option of standard of Nature last shape

Our extended counters/stiffeners hold the heel and offer stability which prevents pronation of the foot. The use of a thermoplastic material offers the possibility to reshape the counter/stiffener to accommodate space for a Haglund deformity.

Nose reinforcement
All our models come with a wingtip toe cap reinforcement. The toecap helps to keep shape to the toe box and prevents pressure on the toes. A reinforced toebox also protects the toes from hits or accidental impact. Due to the wing tip design the top part of the toebox remains soft and flexible and helps to conform to the foot whilst walking.

MyFoot models have an Indication-based shoe design which means that there are no overlays across the bunions. Insteps of the shoe is always extended to the front making it easy for the foot to slip in. And

Stretch upper
Several models are made with a soft elastic upper that stretches and conforms to the contours of the foot, reducing pressure and improving comfort. These uppers are beneficial for those with sensitive feet, diabetic, neuropathy , bunions or hammer toes. All other models are made with high quality soft nappa leather.

Many people have difficulty bending down or find it difficult to tie their laces. We therefor fitted most lace models with additional zipper medial and lateral zippers, giving the shoe a easy and wide opening for the foot to slip into.
For patients looking for a different system we offer most models with Velcro closure. Each Velcro comes is fitted with a roller to make closing the strap super easy. All velcro’s have a stopper tip to prevent them from coming out of the roller ring.

Fitting spacers.
Alle models come with two fitting spacers allowing you to fine tune that perfect fit. 1 fitting spacer is 2mm and has a shore of … where the other is 2mm with a shore of …

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